The woman who returned the money to the owner received tens of thousands of dollars in donations..4feb

Diane Gordon, a woman, goes to work, I have to walk 2.7 miles each way to work. The car broke down in February last year and she still can’t fix it.

Last January 21st, I was hungry when I came home from work, so I bought bread at the store. I found a plastic bag in front of the shop. The bag is full of money. He took the money into the store and told the store cashier about the benefit. He informed the nearby police station.

The owner of this money bag is a newlywed couple. The money received from the wedding. A total of about $15,000. Diane Gordon is the one who needs the money. This amount of money changed his life. But he behaved honestly and handed over the money to the owner.
Impressed by Diane Gordon’s honesty, a police officer’s wife set up a fund for him, raising $40,000 within 24 hours. This amount is still almost 3 times more than the amount he collected. They are trying to fundraise to buy him a car with this money. I felt the benefits of honesty immediately.
Ref: $40K Raised For Woman Who Returned A Bag Of $15,000 In Cash
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