Things to do if you want to always have good fortune-1

Things to do if you want to always have good fortune in life…

If you want good fortune in life

1. When you wake up in the morning, recite the Sranagon to make your face clear.

2. When you brush your teeth, your reputation increases. All your good thoughts and words are successful.

3. If you remember, remember to recite love to those who give love and those who give love back.

4. Donate drinking water at least twice a day. “7” day my life is peaceful just like my children are peaceful.

5. Recite it once a day to make it a great occasion. Gods love and care.

6. Offer to recite the prayer once a day. The benefits are definitely outstanding.

7. Once a day, I bow down to my husband (10). It makes me think about all the sins.

8. Maintain the five virtues as much as possible. Due to virtue, human value is rising

9. I know how to be kind to my parents. Wherever I go, I will find people who love me and help me.

10. Live in good spirits. After the mind, life is later

11. Try to get one of the daily merits. In the moment of being human, it makes being human worthwhile.

12. Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. You can escape from the cycle of suffering.