Thingyan letter for 2023 (Funny).28pm

The Thingyan book for 2023 has come out… It’s very good, read it

In this year, Indra, riding a monster, holding an iron in his right hand and a bowl of water in his left hand, will come down to the land of mankind.

Madeleine, who comes as a companion every year, is expected to arrive early this year.
So, if it rains during Thingyan day, let’s water it.
If there is an earthquake, the ground will shake.
If there is a storm, the trees that are not strong will be broken.
Sunday children should get their clothes wet if they go out to play in the water during Thingyan.
If you follow the theft of your children on Monday, you will get married.
If the children go shopping, they will spend money.
Wednesday’s children will get drunk if they drink alcohol.
If the children eat beetroot on Thursday, their mouths dare.
If the children ride a motorcycle on Friday, they will run out of fuel.
As for the children of Sana, after eating, their stomachs will be full.
As a child of the 7th day, if you want good luck this year, do this Yatra.
Buy cement bricks and sand, hire a mason, and then repair the damaged tank.
When the tank is good, try adding water. If the water does not leak, then the tank is good.
Thank you for reading to the end. May you all be happy and laugh. 😁😁😜