Thursday horoscope for children

The Arabs were excellent in astrology. Arabia is the birthplace of famous astronomers. their scriptures Knowledge reached the West through Greece and Rome. But now only a fraction is found. Even the fragments that have been preserved are evidence of the advanced level of Arab astronomy. They were people who wandered around the water and the grass, and the evidence of the scriptures

In astrology, everything that happens on the ground and in the space and sky, along with the signs of the planets, constellations, and the rising-pointing-diving-on. shooting star solar eclipses and lunar eclipses; Cloudy meteorite comet floating It is a science that can be said based on all the secret signs that have occurred since the sighting of the planets.

7 based on date of birth and age; 8 12. From the methods developed based on the arithmetic of the remainder, the fortune telling based on the time and hour. Long-term fortune-telling Numerology According to the time of birth, the 12 celestial planets Lag There are various kinds of fortune-telling that are said by the saints. However, there is a natural logic to astrology that examines the potential of the 12 celestial planets calculated at the time of birth.

The planets are inanimate, The ancient scholars believed that everything could be controlled by the corresponding natural force. For example, the non-living things can grow vigorously only by relying on the sun, which can provide heat, which is called the sun. Without the sun, all living things would perish.