Ways to release toxins and heat from the body

(1) Release from body pores

Heat from the pores, Can release toxins. Some of you may have seen these types of therapy, where heated glass cups are placed on the back and are made like air cups.

(2) Releasing from the anus

This is clear. For example, if you want to show the closest thing, they will pull out their stomach. It’s good to have a bowel movement naturally, but when it’s necessary, you have to force a bowel movement. Some people end up lying down without being able to bear the pain of being exhausted.

(3) Release from the mouth

Nowadays, it is less used. In ancient therapies, a medicine that would cause vomiting was administered, and the poison, The spam messages are returned. It is usually used in emergency situations. It’s not easy to do it yourself because there are still medicines that need to be paid.

(4) Taking out of the head

Massage the veins in the head, It’s a therapy to make hot spots go away. It should only be done by a physiologist who understands the muscle structures of the human body. hair salons I’ve experienced shampooing at spas, but not a real heat tap yet.

(5) Release from the feet

It’s my favorite method and it’s easy to do. There are many ways. My favorite method (2) is… using salt and foot paste. Salting
The more salt you can use, the better. Some do it with a little salt, In fact, it makes it more difficult to reach here.

wash your feet before After wiping dry, soak your feet in a cup of salt that is almost below the ankles and rub thoroughly. 20 minutes of massage, It should take about half an hour.
Once done, wash your feet and sleep. The bed smells like salt. If possible, it is better to use new salt frequently.

Since the feet are the place where the human body’s muscles are located, toxins, It is the most effective way to release taps.