Weekly horoscope(From 26.1.2023 to 29.1.2023)

(From 26.1.2023 to 29.1.2023) Weekly sermon for seven-day children

Sunday children

You will have to work on a new job. It will be a good time to start your own business. You will get a promotion at work because of your efforts.

You will get good opportunities. Job seekers will get a good job, and those who are not comfortable in their current job, and those who want to change jobs, should change.

Being uncomfortable with some of his close friends, he gets angry.

There will be some family problems. If a bouquet of flowers arrives at home, there will be a bribe. There will be a lot of money. You will need gifts.

He will hear amazing messages. He will go on a journey. It will be a very good period in terms of education. He will get the same result of his efforts.

Health is also good. Take care of your stomach. If you have any weakness, you will get better soon. Love relationship will be good.

It will be comfortable with the expected person. The marriage will be happy.

Lucky numbers are 4, 6, 9. Lucky color is yellow.

Yatra: Facing west, eat sugar and pray for more luck.

Monday children

Job seekers will work under a good boss with a good attitude. You will meet someone who is fair and full of attitude.

You must do a charity case or do a charity case near your home.

Each elder or relative must give a gift. Money will come from righteous business. Some needy people will be given.

You will have to ask for someone’s help. Educational matters will be convenient because of the teacher’s help.

There is no need to worry about health. Love matters are in good condition. You will be happy with your lover and you will get help.

Marriage is also good. Lucky numbers are 1, 6, 3. Lucky color is reddish brown.

Yatra – Facing north, drink cow’s milk and pray, you will get more luck.

illegitimate children

You will have to move to a new place, change your job, and travel long distances. You will start your own business.

You will get the right to manage. The salary of the position will increase. You will have to deal with contracts and transactions. 3-digit money will come out.

There are ideal ideas but there will be no implementation.

Sometimes you will be depressed due to stress. Water activities and water trips will be suspended. You will have disagreements with some friends.

You must hear good news about overseas education. There is no poor health, but sometimes stress and fatigue occur.

As for love luck, you will be separated from your lover for a while. There will be feelings of loneliness and nostalgia. There will be no bad marriage.

The lucky numbers are 1, 3, 9. Lucky colors are reddish brown and green.

Yatra – Facing southwest, drink coconut juice and pray, you will get more luck.

Wednesday’s children

During this time, you will be reunited with old friends.

He will return to his hometown. He will have to repair and decorate his house. He will be carefully considered.

6-digit money will come in. Vases and flowers will come to your home. Business matters will progress well. You will get help from some good friends. You will find job seekers soon.

If children come to your home, give them 6-figure pocket money. You will get a lot of money back for yourself. It is a very good time for educational matters. You will hear good news about success.

Health issues are good. Love issues are a pleasant time. Each lover receives gifts. Marriage is also good.

Lucky numbers are 2, 4, 6. Lucky color is blue, coconut shell color.

Yatra – Face the northeast direction, drink coffee and pray, you will get more luck.

Thursday children

You will hear good news from work. Job seekers will get a job soon. Expected matter, attempted matter will be successful and will improve.

There will be a donation near your home, and you will have to visit. Housing matters will be fine.

Buying a house and building a house will mean moving house. Some guests will come to the house.

If there is a magla issue near home, luck will come soon. Education matters will be very good. You will pass the exam.

You will hear happy news about education. Health will also be good. In matters of love, it will be a time to be happy with true love and new love.

It will be good. For those who are uncomfortable, they will soon be happy.

Marriage is also good.

Lucky numbers are 2, 4, 7. Lucky color