West of Dharmarama Pagoda .23 pm

At the back of Dharmaram Pagoda, a couple looked around and sweated when I asked

This evening, I sent a horse cart and a guest carrying the goods to the sunset.
When I opened the cash drawer, there was a lot of money, so I took a picture.
When I got home, I put it on Facebook and thought that I would return it when I found the owner, so I drove.
When I got to Zee Yew Frying Station, I noticed that there was a pair of E-Bike and a pair of blue eyes looking around and sweating again.
I was looking for my lost wallet, and I asked what color my brother’s money was, and the girl said.
I showed the green one from the cart, so yes, I gave it back.
They were very happy and thanked me and gave me 10,000 pocket money.
Today, I can drive a horse-drawn carriage for 8,000 thousand, and with the ten thousand pocket money they gave me, I earned 18,000.
For today, they are fine and I am fine.