What to do if you have a financial crisis

A very easy and simple thing to do if you have a financial crisis…

I have written a system that can be implemented for the financial crisis.

Very easy and simple. I want you to read it to understand.

In doing this

The best time is morning sunrise. If the reason is not before sunrise, it can be done until half past eleven in the afternoon.

The best place is the square of the pagoda. A patio without shelter is better.

If it is not convenient to go to the pagoda at sunrise in the morning, you can do it in the pagoda room of your home.

The best place to face is east. This point cannot be corrected like the points above.

Always face east. Kai… let’s talk again.

At sunrise in the morning, I went to the square without the shelter of a pagoda. Facing the east…

After making such a face, I must recite this mantra and offer it.

Sakhumasara Masainno

What about Dharmanyu Dharmasami?

Balupetaw Baladharo

Warado Detu May Wall.

If it is possible, I would like to recite it after taking the ritual.

If possible, I would like to recite it standing up.

If it is not convenient for you to stand up for your health, then sit down and recite it.

If for some reason you can’t recite the prayer, recite it at least 27 times.

Do this plan daily. Do not ask for any reward “absolutely absolutely”. The benefits will be…

Business up.

It makes it easier to repay the debt.

Make good friends who will help you grow your business.

If he makes a mistake, he will have good teachers/friends who will correct him appropriately.

Glory, power and charm will improve.

Very calm and clear.

Protects from bad disease/disaster.

I will be very open and smart in terms of knowledge.

The most special thing is the people who are with him just by doing it alone.

You will see that you feel the benefits as you deserve.

If you can follow it exactly, you will see the benefits mentioned above within three days.

Even if you can’t do it exactly, it’s pretty obvious in six weeks.

After six consecutive months of “as much as possible” without fail, you will find yourself reaching a life that “surprises even yourself again.”

I wish you all a good start.

Please distribute this message as you see fit. Good luck.