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When is a Tornado? It is hard to predict where it will happen. Learn how tornadoes form and what to do when a tornado hits. Tornadoes form from giant cloud mountains that often occur with rainstorms.

Because of this, if you carefully monitor the changes in the clouds, you can predict the occurrence of a tornado, so you can reduce the chance of encountering a disaster. There are many natural signs that occur before a tornado hits right in front of you.

Those signs are thunder, The sky darkened, Seeing clouds that are not normally seen, Very cold winds and hail. The smell of earth or grass when the trees are uprooted and caught in the air is also a warning sign.

If you get close to a tornado when it starts to hit you, you may experience ringing in your ears due to the drop in air pressure. If you see whirlwinds or objects flying in the air, you should know that the danger of a tornado is approaching soon. This information is 2022, Information obtained on October 11.