Yatra, which will be free from conflict and increase business…29pm

May all the old friends and new friends of “Nabayan” teacher be full of happiness without conflict and business growth

In any case, everything that one tries is not thought, is not successful, is delayed, etc.
Family members are divided and often have problems with each other.

Inn – Raotai – Shrine, whether you think it is being done with some evil witch or not.
By doing the Yatra below with confidence from any interruptions due to practical experience
I am sharing and uploading it as a gift of knowledge to start a safe, comfortable and prosperous business.
How to make Yatra You must buy {3} real lemons that are free from blemishes.
The word “Nabayan” must be written accurately on all (3) lemons using blue color on the circle of each lemon.
Place 4 lemons in a small stainless steel plate on a ceramic plate with the letters on top.
Then place the Yatra plate on the counter of his home shrine or business.
This 7-day Tasyatra without conflict can be started by all children from any day
Once every 5 days, you have to repeat the same ritual.
The Yatra presented by Teacher Dan is really effective, so if you do it with confidence, you will be free from conflict and business will be happy.