It can be mixed with three types of kitchen equipment and collapse…

It can be mixed with three types of kitchen equipment and collapse.
The modern economy is designed to be able to run without banks. The states of large banks are more afraid of their owners than their owners. If there is a danger, it helps to survive these banks by funding them by funding. In regard to this issue, economists. Governments should take this step, even though they complain. The growing bank left the whole business sector. Like the first domino, it can be self-employed in the column.

Indirectly unless banks are not official. The largest businesses; Owns property and other assets. But it was not always. Sometimes banks are simply and sometimes not very well, provide financial services to business and individuals. There have been a lot of money transfer and storage of values. This is the banks began their work.

1. Discussion with the first bank arising; You can break a large number of copies and may remain without many consensus. Clearly, a tactful person should pay a profit and immediate loans with a profit of money or the same things. Funding in ancient Greece has already launched the mortgage industry. It is not only individuals but also by churches. In ancient Egypt, all government payments were collected in the government’s special banks.

(2) Interest is not accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. Pope’s Alexander 3 (This is the head of a unique church, which has four unique churches in the four churches. However, authorities used only when they benefit from church ban.