Blood pressure anemia

Blood pressure anemia
The opposite of high blood pressure is low blood pressure.
It is not a disease in those with low blood pressure.
For some blood pressure, the standard blood pressure is 120/80mmHg. Just below.
Some have only 90/60mmHg.

There are people who are always in that position. I’m fine. They cannot be defined as having hypertension. It is their birth. Even if they rise above that, they cannot bear it.
However, even those with low blood pressure eat too much fat. If you eat too much salt, you can have a stroke.
If you don’t have high blood pressure, please be aware that if you eat a lot of salty and windy foods (egg, tamarind, cat’s tongue, gourd, pork, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, etc.)
It is bad to live. People who are tired from work and have low blood pressure need to rest. When resting, if the mind and body rest, the blood pressure can return to normal.
Some people often attach a big bottle of medicine every time their blood pressure drops. I can’t give a good place, I can’t rest and I’m satisfied with the medicine hook. I don’t see people doing that. They don’t know that injecting external medicine into the body’s blood vessels is bad.
If blood pressure drops
Rest in bed for 8 hours.
Keep calm. Don’t just read it. Don’t look at your phone. Cut off external contacts.
Keep the room light and well ventilated.
Eat only easily digestible foods.
Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a cup of hot milk and drink. Blood pressure rises quickly. Turmeric has the ability to warm the blood.
If you can’t sleep, if you add a cup of hot cow’s milk and drink it for about a month, you will fall asleep.
Traditional medicine No. (16) is used to cure heat and blood. If you mix that blood medicine with a spoonful of sugar, it can raise your blood pressure.
Make a juice of Monglani and drink it. Increases blood pressure.
Sunbathing under the morning sun and breathing fresh air can improve blood and bone strength.
Kyi Lwin Myint (Mudra)