Ways to increase luck..

Ways to increase luck..
1- Wash parents’ clothes.
2- Take care of the parent.
3- Stop kicking your parents every day.
4- Clean your house.
5- Clean the front of your house.
6- Clean the church.

7- Turn on God’s light.
8- Apply Suon flower water lamp every day.
9- Increase the honor of the Buddha Dharma Sangha.
10- No litter and thorns on the road
Clean up.
11- Take the blessing of sweeping the temple premises.
12- Clean the monastery.
13: Clean public toilets.
14- Dig a ditch ten ditch friends.
15: Ten ponds.
16- Donate well water.
17- Accidentally met on the road
Give charity to a hungry person/animal.
18: Assist throw.
19- Make a list of merits and rejoice again.
20- Plant a tree.
21- Offer shade.
22- Be supportive.
23- Give charity to stray animals.
24- Feed the crazy.
25- Bridge Donate.
26: Wash your head.
27- Take monkhood.
28- Collect the little underwater animals.
29: Sufficient for five karmas.
30- Be kind.
31- Avoid the sin of urinating.
32- Learn to appreciate others.
33- Practice the 7 virtues.
Whatever the above tasks are done, do not do them.
Increase your happiness and make 3 tons of charity in addition to Pubba Muntha.
Surely luck will increase. 🙏🙏🙏