A new way to extort money by getting lust..

A new way to extort money by getting lust..
I posted a photo one day
Viber comes in with a phone number
“younger sister
Can I talk to you a little, sister?”
This text…
It made me a little nervous.
the first …
My brother and I shot together
I sent a photo.

“Sisters are lovers?”
Just a question…
I thought
This is Maung’s sister and Maung’s sister
I know that it is a witch.
I sent another picture
A picture of me kissing my little cheek
Another picture.. My brother is me
A picture of her kissing her lips
After resending…

“He has a married sister
Why are you joking?”
with the words
My brother picked up a childThe girl next door
A picture of Mon Lem Maung leaning on his arm
“This is family chemistry.”
Out of my hand
The phone fell.

It took a lot of effort to pick it up.
This is not what I thought.
This was not what I expected.
Although my phone fell
Constantly coming in
Letters and pictures
My brother’s wedding pictures
Pictures of my brother and son playing
I was wrong bro…

All that was impressive
Free thoughts
What a disrespectful act
than anger
I apologize to my sister
A letter
I don’t know how to hit with force
I didn’t know he was married.
I am pure blue.
He will make his parents lose face
Not a woman
While typing to reply…
Sisters, I will post pictures on Fb
To destroy the marriage of my sister
It destroys the community of parents and sisters
You have to pay well
The line is my life
I feel like killing again.
I cried because of my sadness…
The faces of parents and sisters
Faces of sisters and relatives
Sister at work
How are you around sister?
Don’t show your face
I want to apologize.
I want to give it
Sister only since before
If you have compassion
My sister’s family life
It will not be damaged…
Now with my younger sister
My sister’s life is ruined…
I feel sorry for myself.
Because of myself
Others lost their family life
I just believed.
In the FB profile
The column is white and short hair
Little Yopo and my brother
I am a gentleman
I believed
Sister, what should I do?
Sister, what should I return?
Contact with him
I don’t do it anymore
From this time today until my sister is satisfied…
My sister will apologize.
Sister and parents support
Give your sister a chance.
Do not post pictures on FB
I’m sorry
At the end of the sentence
For the future
My sister is responsible.
His father has left the house.
Because of my sister
My sister’s family is broken
Compensation for the life of a child
15 lakhs
My life has been killed again.
The world laughs
A normal company
For a young employee
15 lakh never
It is a condition that has never been held.
Father and mother’s face
He kept it all his life
My own behavior. . . . . .
You will have to pay
15 lakhs of money for a lifetime
A great shame.
Another thing to remember
Nylon rope from the storeroom
What should I do now…?
Everyone / My sister
If you like it
How to solve it?
This is very important.
With these new tricks
Often approached.
1. In a gentlemanly manner
will approach.
2. Pretending to be honest and sweet
Saying women’s words
It will attract.
3. Drag to courtship level
Photos of appointments outside
Will shoot together.
4. If that time has come
A woman
You are his wife
Will contact you.
Show pictures of families with children
He is a man who is a fool
Life will be accused.
5. If you give the requested money, if you don’t give it
I have sent photos of you as a couple
Chip Plus letters with their family pictures
Posted on Facebook
They will threaten to humiliate you.
6. Family occupation
It will affect the environment
I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed
I finally have to search
7. The money you ask for is your own situation
From 15 lakhs
They often ask for hundreds of thousands
Be careful dear fri..
from online
Love and peace of mind
Do not follow, dear fri
Don’t believe people you haven’t seen, love fri..
2 sisters from knowledge
It has been received
Threatened after forming a group
There are 3/4 people.
Dear friends, please be careful..