A good medicine for the blind, or the eye of God….

A good medicine for the blind, or the eye of God

“Early in the morning, I have to pick three (3) jasmine flowers from the jasmine tree. I will have to wash the water. People who don’t have a sampa tree buy it from a sampa flower seller.

But buy the medium. If you are tired, don’t take it. “You have to put this standard flower in an empty glass. Next, add (3) (2) glasses of clean water.

You have to soak it all day. At night, remove the flower before closing your eyes. That night, close the eyes with that water.

On the morning of the first day, the eyelids will be closed.

Wash a cloth and clean your eyes.

You have to drink that flower-soaked water for (7) consecutive days. The scab will go away one day.

(7) The person whose eyesight is blind will light up again if it is struck by sun. If there is a cloud in the eye, it will disappear. Eyes will be better than before.

After (7) consecutive days, you need to rest for (15) days. After the next (15) days, you must not use the eye drops that were used for the first (7) days.

Next time, soak the flower in tear water for 7 days. After (7) days, (15) days must be taken off.

These (7) days (15) days off (3) After a full week, the eye pain will go away. Eyesight squinting, People who wear glasses I will miss the glasses.

If it is cloudy, it will disappear. There is no danger. The medicine is easy. But it must be done systematically.
It’s a practical medicine, so you have to practice it to be beneficial”…

Karen State, who provided guidance in medical technology. I would like to record and express my honor to Bishop U Nanda Wantha and Master U Kyi Han of Nam Pan School in Nung Long Shan Suywa.

May all patients be healthy… The main points have been extracted. I want to try it… I use jasmine flowers and jasmine flowers in my house. It really cures me..

Do it with confidence… Some of the jasmine flowers in the market are bad indigo, so I want you to be careful. It’s safe to pick the plant yourself…