Beware of blood clots…..

Beware of blood clots…..
When there are too many red blood cells, the blood thickens and impedes the flow of blood, causing the blood to clot and cause heart palpitations. Strokes may occur.

As side effects –
blood clots Blood thickens and blood vessels
In addition to slowing down, the blood clot cells become irregular, increasing the chance of blood clots. stroke due to blood clots; Heart palpitations pulmonary embolism; Blood clots occur in the legs.
Dizziness due to blood viscosity. headache Seizures unconsciousness tinnitus Numbness Weakness in movement Vision slowly decreasing; Suddenly I can’t see Chest pain Stomach ache Pain in the tips of the feet; leg artery occlusion; After taking a hot bath, itchy skin often occurs.
While the blood is still thick, the symptoms may be felt slowly, but when the blood clot is blocked, it can be life-threatening immediately depending on the blocked blood vessel.
A natural way to make blood thinner for blood offenders
Like blood thinners, garlic is a natural blood thinner. Garlic is much better than chemical blood thinners. And they also defeated smallpox, a world epidemic, with garlic. You should eat three or four cloves of garlic when you eat.
There is one thing in nature that can make blood clot. That is turmeric. If you drink it with turmeric oil, your intestines can absorb the sun. At this time, you should drink a spoonful in the morning and a spoonful in the evening.
# Olive oil
The next thing is olive oil. There is only one type of olive oil in the world that can clean the hair follicles. You can drink it with olive oil when drinking turmeric.
# Drink lots of water
People with blood clots tend to have thick blood. Blood clots are caused by blood viscosity. Blood viscosity is caused by drinking less water. Drinking more water causes the blood to thin.
Therefore, you should drink about 4 liters of water a day. It is best to drink warm water.
# Please eat
People with thick blood are often afraid of sour food. That’s why you need to drink sour lemon juice.
Western countries often eat kiwi fruit to thin the blood. Now in Myanmar, they are comfortable drinking fried pickled soup.
# Please eat bitter
There is a liquid mixed in the blood. This is called blood bile. Even if blood bile is low, the blood tends to be thick. dog Chili, elephant trunk brave You should eat dang daloon.
Eating bitter will also strengthen the blood circulation.
# Walk more roads
If you sit and sleep too much, your blood becomes heavy and clots. That’s why you have to walk. When you walk, your calf muscles are squeezed, and the blood is forced to reach the heart.
2 legs are the second heart. You have to walk slowly. Blood clots are common in the legs. Hard blood in the main blood vessels, heart, The brain is often closed.
# Soup you should always drink
It’s not really a medicinal soup, but it’s called a medicine soup. The medicines included are Red Kandon Roni and Kimpun Sour leaves. Kandonron Red helps clear up blood sins and Kimpun Sour leaves clears blockages in the blood.