Bowel normally at least once a day…

Bowel normally at least once a day
Should go enough. It has been more than 72 hours (3 days) without having a bowel movement
Be careful if you are…

What happens if I don’t have a bowel movement for a long time?
The old place in the intestine after not having a bowel movement for a long time
are absorbed by the intestinal wall. Among old foods, preservatives such as dry noodles, fried potatoes Breads with other long-lasting chemicals, coffee,
Processed foods such as sausages and chicken sausages that can be eaten quickly; Smousa, fried, grilled, etc. soft drinks Breads, etc., not natural, but processed
After days, the food and drink seeps into the intestinal wall.
The cells in the intestinal wall are instead repaired
drinks, Cell formation caused by chemical drugs
Image (Cellular Structure) is broken and not normal
Instead of growing bigger than it should be
It is. The lumps that grow like that
out, More flesh, Defined as cancer.
Wrapping meat and fish in plastic in the refrigerator is very dangerous. Ice
Put food in a box and store it in plastic
Dissolves cancer-causing chemicals from the stick
make Cancer in plastic
Styrene and dioxin
It seeps into meat and fish food. Cooking them by heating them with oil causes breast cancer and other types of cancer
Hormonal changes and reproduction
It also affects.
Cancerous nodules are normal in the colon
It interferes with business. bowel movement, Mucus production, Instead of pushing out old food
Constipation when food cannot be absorbed
and other bad intestinal health
Let them become something that is not full of nutrition
It is.
As lumps get bigger, not only a person’s health but even life will be disturbed.
Roughly speaking, it is called cancer.
Cancer is caused by eating habits
It is also caused by genetics.
Do more lower back exercises to get a flat stomach. walk Go to the gym if you can. Do sports. Drink 3 liters of water a day carefully. Vegetables with fiber Eat lots of green leaves
. Green leaves cause cancer. There are many antioxidants that can fight against oxidizing radicals
. If you exercise, you will improve the body’s Immuse System. Disease prevention
Increases the system.
Processed ready-to-eat food
avoid oil fried coffee, tea, Avoid steaks. Eat more vegetables, Drink yogurt. Fry food with oil
Instead of eating, cook and eat with a little bit of urine.
Don’t follow the so-called “Ratha Ratan” word of mouth.
May they be healthy.