Do you still think that the 200-ton bag of coffee milk that you drink is real coffee?…

Do you still think that the 200-ton bag of coffee milk that you drink every day is made with real coffee powder??
There are 3 types of ingredients in the coffee mix.

1. Coffee powder
2. Sugar
3. Coffee mate
1. Coffee powder is originally made from coffee beans, and instant instant coffee powder is used.

Now, cheaper artificial coffee powders are being used.
Food experts in Taiwan say that the cost is 100 times 200 times lower.
In Taiwan, fake coffee powder is green bean powder. It is mixed with chemical coffee powder called coffee aroma.
When it is mixed with sugar and coffee, it is indistinguishable from real coffee.
This is done by a well-intentioned producer. Some don’t add pea flour but add #charcoal powder.
Experts say that chemical coffees known as coffee aromas can damage the #liver and kidneys.
Taiwan FDA, fake coffee powder They are selling coffee made with #fake coffee powder because they are legally allowed to sell coffee aromas.
Fake coffee powder is made from green bean powder, so you can get a little protein.
Charcoal powder is used in food.
In Taiwan, there are peanuts filled with charcoal powder.
In the United States, chocolate powder is called charcoal mocha. charcoal powder sugar I sell juice with coffee friends.
The charcoal powder is described as the charcoal powder obtained from the coconut shell.
I saw an article on Facebook about a hotel sending coconut milk cups to a coffee factory in Myanmar.
I don’t know if the coconut foam cup is powdered with charcoal and added to the coffee mix.
I think.
Worse is #poisonous coffee grounds.
In April 2018, when we inspected a coffee factory in #Vietnam, we found that coffee beans were dyed using #black powder from old batteries.
#We found 35 kg of powder from old batteries, and the owner #admitted that he bought cheap coffee beans and dyed these powders to make them look beautiful.
The powder from the battery contains magnesium dioxide, a toxic substance, which damages the brain and nerves of people who drink this coffee powder for a long time.
More than 10 tons of these poisonous coffee beans have been confiscated and more than 3 tons have been sold in the market.
This news caused panic among coffee drinkers.
Taiwan is allowed to import 15 brands of Vietnamese coffee, so this poisonous coffee, No one could guarantee that coffee powder would not enter.
2. As for the sugar, we use fine powdered sugar that melts easily.
3. Coffeemate was launched in 1961 by the American Nestlé company.
It is not made from cow’s milk.
Let’s read Dr. Khin Nji Win’s article about what it is made of.
If you drink coffee, the powder that is not made from cow’s milk, What is included?
1. Honey that comes from corn
2. like adding milk It is because of soybean oil.
3. Sodium caseinate is a protein contained in milk. He is a chemical that is added to keep DVDs from breaking down.
4. In the mixture of monoglycerate and diglycerate, the new substance added to make the mixture well and homogenous, the coffee and powder must be homogenous.
5. Phosphoric acid is a little bit of sin. A chemical that causes the ingredients to stick together.
Oh, if you think about it, when you wake up from bed, put all kinds of chemicals in the cup of coffee you are about to drink.
Some of the powders contain additional chemicals that are added to produce different flavors.
These coffee mates are usually sold in powder or liquid form.
Add a chemical agent to the powder so that it does not harden.
It is sodium aluminosilicate.
It is a kind of substance that causes burning.
It is only translated for those who have difficulty reading English. Not my mouth.
(Copied from an article by Dr. Daw Khin Oi Win.)
Whether coffee mate is healthy or not.
Sugar in coffee bad fat It’s bad for health because it’s a long-term medicine.
Coffee mate formulas have changed over the years, eventually ending up with only bleaching sugar and preservatives.
Most of the sugar corn that comes from corn is genetically modified.
Sugar makes people overweight.
Accumulation of fat in internal organs and diabetes high blood pressure heart disease Causes cancer.
It affects some enzymes and reduces the absorption of nutrients needed by the body.
Soybean oil is a long-lasting oil. Fat that is harmful to the body.
Fat in the blood Promotes high blood fat and increases the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.
Another chemical, phosphoric acid, is also used in fertilizers and cosmetics.
Coffee does not contain any nutrients, and it only causes harm to health, so cow’s milk, coconut milk It is recommended to use honey instead.
There are also coffee mixes made with real coffee powder. Cheap coffee mixes, even sugar, cheap medicated sugar. I use cheap coffee friends. The whole issue is chemicals.
Tim is the same way. There are natural teas as well as those made with chemicals.
Now, coffee milk. Do you still drink tea?
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