Food that quickly fills the inner strength…

Food that quickly fills the inner strength

1. Yogurt palm/honey again, a small cup, no ice
2. Mix the carrot with milk, sugar, and a little salt, and drink it without ice

3. Remove the yolks from 3 hard-boiled eggs, add a little honey, a squeeze of lemon, and a little salt.
4. Pickled eel, dry eel, eel masala.
5. Fried/grilled/boiled okra.
6. Fry the raw banana with a little butter and a little honey. (As a htet, I don’t want to fry it)
7. Stir with a spoon to make a soft drink with egg and gas. After stirring, drink it quickly before the foam stops. 👍👍 practice
8. Drink a mixture of egg + lemon wedge + a little isotonic drink.
9. You can drink green coconut juice, sugarcane juice, saline solution, glucose solution, soy milk (soya milk).
10. Put a piece of red meat in a pan with butter and grill it until it is half cooked. Eat.
11. You can eat a salad by adding warm shrimp broth, tomatoes, lemons, and green onions.