If the blood thickens, the 4 types of messages the body sends are….

If the blood thickens, the 4 messages the body gives are…

1. When you get up in the morning, you feel dizzy, There is no power. After breakfast, I gradually woke up and became more refreshed as the night wore on.

2. I really want to sleep after lunch. Can’t sleep.
3. As soon as I sit down because of my hump, my breathing is not good. Body fat.
4, Sudden blurring of vision, I didn’t see well right away.
If the body has signaled that the blood is thick, treat it quickly.
What other symptoms should I feel when my blood thickens?
Most of the time, the symptoms start to appear when the blood thickens to form a clot. Common symptoms are…
* Blurred vision
* Dizziness
* Easy bleeding
* Menstrual bleeding
* Headache
* High blood pressure
* Skin irritation
* Weakness without energy
* Shortness of breath.
If you don’t know what the reason is, when there are small blood clots frequently and when you have repeated miscarriages, you should consult a doctor and have a blood test.
5 ways to reduce blood viscosity are…
💧1. Drink plenty of water.
💧2. Cholesterol-blocking vegetables are rich in water and rich in vitamin C and fiber. So vegetables, corn, Eat lots of fruits and seeds.
💧3. Eat less animal offal.
💧4. Do physical exercise.
💧5. Quit alcohol and smoking.
“First” to drink more water if your blood is thick
I’ll share a little more about water.
So drink plenty of water to increase blood oxygen to prevent blood clots. Drink plenty of water, especially hot water. Hot water can dissolve fat. digestion, Improves blood circulation.
The benefits of drinking water (8) are_
🔹1. It cleanses toxins.
🔹2. Makes the skin clean and healthy.
🔹3. Strengthens the muscles.
🔹4. Improves metabolism.
🔹5. Increases energy.
🔹 6. It makes me lose weight.
🔹7. It relieves headaches.
🔹8. It increases the ability to remember.
◾- Avoid ice water.
◾- Drink plenty of plain water.
◾- Drink plenty of hot water.
◾- In addition to plain hot water, Drinking hot water with a little tea,
◾- Drinking honey and lemon juice is also good for health.
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