It is because of these kinds of things that people die of cardiac arrest while sleeping.

It is because of these kinds of things that people die of cardiac arrest while sleeping.
In studying the cause of death of people in the world, experts have found that heart disease is the most common cause of death.

There are different types of heart disease.
I will now tell you about one of the causes of various heart diseases.

When the Lord Buddha was still alive, he gave the worldly people how to live.
In it, he was instructed to sleep on his right side.

I was told not to sleep on my left side because my heart was always beating in my left breast.
When lying on the left side, it is as if the freely beating heart is being pressed up.

Those who are overweight are worse. They are gasping for breath, aren’t they?
When I hold it up like that, my heart struggles and beats.
The heart has to pump the blood to the whole body.
I put pressure on him, and I couldn’t squeeze him anymore.
Blood cannot reach the whole body.
If you hold it up all night, just think about it.
The heart has 4 chambers.
For blood to flow from one chamber to another, there are openings called valves.
When the heart is pushed up, those valve gates can no longer work properly.
There are veins that supply blood to the heart. There are arteries that return from the heart.
If you put pressure on the heart, those blood vessels also close
Blood often increases.
In the body, the heart is very close.
I have to do everything in my own business from the heart.
Without the heart, the rest of the body cannot work properly.
Indigestion, Constipation, Congestion, Weaknesses, Dizziness, etc., are often caused by a bad heart.
I mean the heart
Main. To have a good heart is the most difficult thing.
People who tend to sleep on the left side tend to reduce the function of the heart because of the pressure on the heart. After a while, the heart is not strong anymore. Valves are easily damaged.
He often dies of cardiac arrest while sleeping. Therefore, if you have a habit of sleeping on the left side, you need to correct it.
I’m not saying don’t sleep completely on your left side.
They will want to sleep on their sides when they are tired. If you sleep on your side for a while, you should support your chest with a pillow.
Don’t fall asleep on your left side. If you feel comfortable, change the position.
The best way to sleep is to sleep on your back with your head to the south to face the Earth’s magnetic field.
You can sleep on your right side from time to time. To sleep like this.
When he sleeps, he should sleep in a way that he sleeps well.
If you sleep after thinking about selfishness, how to sleep
If you go to sleep thinking about unnecessary anger, it’s a hell of a way to sleep
If you fall asleep by touching your head with a pillow, it is called animal sleep.
These sleeping patterns often make it difficult to fall asleep. If you lie on your back, close your eyes, and sleep with a strong Dhamma, the way a yogi sleeps. He will sleep well.
Friends…..the heart is very important.
It is also very valuable for the body.
If your heart is bad, you cannot live long.
So, while taking care of other things that can cause heart disease, I share this little-known thing to be aware of.
Love and respect. . . . .
(original author)
Dr. Aung Soe Win