People who are taking antibiotics….

People who are taking antibiotics should know that they have a urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection is especially common in women.
The tube that connects the female bladder to the urethra orifice is short.
It is because the vagina and the opening of urine are very close.
In men, this road school is long, so they rarely get urinary tract infections.
usually When a urinary tract infection occurs, the following symptoms occur.

Frequent urination
Pain when urinating
Blood in the urine
Urinary incontinence
Sometimes I feel hot.
In this case, it is necessary to drink an antiseptic.
When taking pesticides, you should not start with a heavy dose.
When taking antibiotics, 20 billion count of probiotics should be taken 4 hours apart from the antibiotics.
You should continue to take probiotics for about a week after taking the antibiotic.
Sometimes what happens is, What disease do you have?
There are no symptoms when the doctor took urine and checked
If they found a bug, they would ask them to drink an insecticide.
You have to be careful here. In addition to women
The urinal that excretes For being very close to a woman’s body, When a urine sample is taken, the bacteria naturally present in the woman’s body. come along.
Urinalysis usually says that bacteria are found in the urine test results.
If there are not more than 100,000 colonies when doing culture
Especially if there are no symptoms. No need to drink pesticides.
Pesticides Don’t drink if you don’t need it.
May all my friends be healthy and prosperous.
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