Please don’t throw away this little lemon peel…

Please don’t throw away this little lemon peel. I have a lemon farm at home, so I squeeze the juice thoroughly, filter it without any lumps, put it in a glass bottle and dry it in the sun. After four or five days, the liquid becomes clear like water. You can put pure lemon juice in the refrigerator and use it for a long time.
We don’t throw away the dirty peels, we make dried lemons and sell them because they are good, we even accept small orders

***How to make it***
I mix this wet lemon peel with as much as there is (powdered sugar / salt) and then dry it in the sun.
Oh, I’m using it all the time, so try it
**I’ll tell you another way**
It’s common to eat at home, it’s not bad, it’s good to share
Give the lemon (4) things to prevent it from splitting. Then add salt/sugar/pure cinnamon to the lemon.
It’s easy to relax. It’s easy to get drunk. It’s not hot in the waist. No, let’s try to eat it. Let’s read and share the recipe for mixing wet and dry lemons. May you all be well.
Note: Power sugar refers to medicated sugar
#Credit .With respect to the original author