3) simple ways to make the bathroom faucets…

(3) simple ways to make the bathroom faucets and basin faucets open when they are closed

It is very unpleasant and annoying when the basin pipes and bathroom pipes are closed and the water does not flowSo, when you encounter these problems, before you call a plumber, try these simple and effective methods that you can do yourself.

(1) Ingredients needed for baking soda: 4 tablespoons of baking soda. 2 tablespoons of salt. 1 cup of vinegar. Mix the baking soda and salt thoroughly and pour into the pipe. Heat the vinegar until it boils.

After burning the pipe again, immediately cover the opening of the pipe with something and hold it down. After half an hour, pour warm water on it and all the old food and germs in the pipe will be washed away (2) Asprin Asprin

Put 2 tablets into the tube. Then pour a cup of vinegar, after a while, pour hot water into the tube. If necessary, you can repeat this process. (3) Put about 5 tablespoons of salt into the tube.

After that, pour hot water over it. Be careful not to burn your hands.