If your luck is low, how to increase your luck…

If your luck is low, how to increase your luck…
Wash your parents’ clothes, take care of your parents, kick your parents every day, clean your house, clean your front door, clean the temple, light the Buddha’s light, offer alms, water, light a candle every day.

Increase the honor of the Buddhist monks. Make a cart so that there are no thorns on the street. Sweep the pagoda premises.

Dig a ditch, ten ponds, a well, a pond, donate water, donate to a hungry person/animal you meet on the road, help, help, shoot, make a list, and be happy, plant a tree, give shade, support.

Give charity to stray animals, feed crazy people, build a bridge, give a head bath, pray for a monk, receive a monk’s alms, give ten to small underwater animals, five good luck, be born with a good heart, avoid bad deeds, know the kindness of others.

Practice the 7 virtues, no matter what work you do above, do not do it.