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I met a friend after 2 and a half years, and he said that his family is quite comfortable and that they are even building a one-storey building in the place of the first four-walled house.

His business rolled in. There was a picture of a small terracotta doll rolling in at the front entrance of his house.In the living room of the house, there was a picture of a terracotta pot.

It’s a good business. There is a restaurant in our town that sells a lot. They sell it as if it were a donation. They also have a picture of the rolling doll rolling towards the house on the iron door sill of their house.

As for his restaurant, people started pouring in. I asked a friend or two who had a bad business and a friend who was in debt to keep the two dolls, and they were very angry.

As soon as the customers arrived, I told them to keep one doll in front of the house and the other one inside the house.

So when Pyin Oo Lwin told astrologer Win Maw Aung about the Yatra at his house, he liked it and said to put it on Facebook so that everyone would know about it.

It’s not enough to sell. How do you make these rolled-up ceramic pots?

I’m judging the rolling dolls by taking the commonly used word rolling. There are 24 pictures of a boy rolling a clay pot. Why use a clay pot?

I thought that I could do it, but I think that the terracotta pot 31, Aung Sa Aye Sa 13, was taken by the cake.

It has been done. We can use the things that have been rolled in until the temple can be established and the religion can be used.

It’s okay to be weak. If you’re carrying the goods that will be the most profitable for your business by car, there are cases where men, women, children, and adults have to step over them and carry them under the seat of the car.

To get rid of toxins, add 2 spoons of salt to 1 gallon of salt water, put it in a bowl, say 3 times that ten fingers are medicine, put both hands in the bowl, stir it clockwise like the blood of the waist, and drink it through the mouth.

After reciting 37 times the 100,000 words, wash the dolls with water, sprinkle the dolls with perfume (nawin water), and place the pot inside the house in front of the house.

Place the order and use the small pot. Place it in the work desk, bedroom, and house. You will see that it has become very convenient. When should I bring it? It will be delivered on the morning of my birthday, 945.

If you leave empty shops, hostels, and hotels, people will start pouring in. You will see a significant increase in transactions.

If it happens, give the doll a new face, sprinkle some perfume on it, and clap your hands and tell it to come and leave it.

After donating to God, use the rest of the money. Don’t use the first money you get to buy small things. Then you can avoid the causes of failure. I have written before.