The process of the mantra of Sithmani Gatha…

The process of the mantra of Sithmani Gatha…
The way in which the great mantra of Sithant Mani Gatha, which fulfills every desire, came about. The giant Sandamukhi, who had worked for three years in the presence of King Vaishavanna (Kuweera), who ruled the north face of Myint Mor Mountain, was enshrined as a king of the forest, who was given possession of a forest five yuznas wide and 30 yuznas long.

One day, a young Brahmin from the land of Varanasi was surrounded by a merchant’s bullock carts and was captured by the Mira monster.
In the past, they used to kill and eat those they had captured, but now the young Brahmin who was captured was a handsome young man who looked like a young man, so they lived together as husband and wife.

A monster and a Brahmin gave birth to a son, and when he reached the age of 16, the father and mother were different in appearance, but the mother went out to find food.
With his strength, he opened the door of the rock cave and carried his father and ran away. The monster Sandamukhi returned and did not find the father and son in the rock cave.
The father and son, who were recaptured twice, did not dare to run away easily, and the monster was in a state of unbelievably fast physical speed.
Then, one day, when they got the chance, they carried their father and ran to the nearest camp where they were free from the border of their mother’s territory. Sandamukhi monster, who had returned from carrying loads of fruit for the father and son, did not find her son and husband in the rock cave. She followed her territory with great anxiety.
Knowing that the son had already escaped from his mother’s territory, he said that he would not come back and let him go to the human village where humans of the same caste lived.
He began to teach the sacred Manita mantra in the middle of the river. The son, who was learning the Manita mantra from the middle of the river, raised his hands and learned the Manita mantra. As soon as he got the mantra, he ran to his mother, who had collapsed, and saw that his life had changed.
In the land of Varanasi, he was able to track down a thief, chanting the mantra of Silathanmani, and find the property.
Silanta Mani Mantra Pali Silanta Mani Yadara Nibuddham Buddha Yadara Namkaram Karti Tharanam!
Silantmani Yadana Nidhaman Dhamma Yadaran No.Kram Karti Sharanam Khippa Mewa Thamiztu. Siltan Mani Yadaran Ni!Shangmang Sang Yadaran Naam. Karam Krati Sharanam! Khippamewa Thamizztu. Benefits of reciting the Siltan Mani Mantra.
They are often loved by people and gods who make them attain position and wealth. They can’t steal their wealth, gold, silver, etc., and they can enjoy the benefits of getting the things they want. Credit; Original