If you are at home due to home invasion, remove it quickly….

Get rid of these items quickly if they are in your home due to house arrest. Remove these items quickly if they are in your house due to house arrest.

You should always be aware that certain items can bring bad luck into the house and cause death to the household members.

(1) Broken clocks and broken glass You should not keep broken clocks and broken glass inside the house.

(2) Fireflies Fireflies are cute little ones, so don’t catch them and put them in small glass jars. Keeping fireflies in glass jars and keeping them in your house can bring you bad luck.

(3) Dry flowers When the flowers in the vases that are decorated in the house wither, replace them with new ones immediately.

(4) Leave the umbrella open inside the house When you come home from the rain, open the umbrella outside the house and dry it on the veranda. Leaving the umbrella open inside the house often causes bad luck.

(5) Pictures of destruction and death When buying paintings and pictures to put in the house, do not buy pictures of death and destruction.

(6) Desert thistles Desert thistles are beautiful and should not be planted indoors. Small thorns are cute, but they can bring bad luck to you, so it is best not to plant them indoors.

(7) Old axes, hoes, and brooms, axes used for chopping wood, grass-growing hoes, and old brooms should be stored in the garden or outside the house for a few days, and such items should be brought into the house.

(8) A messy bed When you wake up in the morning, you should carefully fold the blankets and bed sheets and keep them clean. A messy bed brings bad luck to a house.