Who want to lose belly fat…

How to make aloe vera juice for those who want to lose belly fat
It is very convenient for people who are fat or have a hot stomach. Many housewives

The problem is stomach burning. Let’s take a look at the method. Remove the sharp teeth from the sides of about five aloe vera leaves with a knife and cut them into small pieces about the size of a hand.

Add about 5 kyats of brown palm oil to about 5 kyats of oil and stir until it melts. When the palm oil melts, add aloe vera.

When the Persian aloe vera liquid dries up and becomes a bit thick, add two raw banana peels. If there are too many bananas, two are enough. Stir the two eggs and then add them with a spoon.

Because you can stir it constantly and it will stick. After that, you have a really delicious aloe vera jam.

I thought it would make me gain weight because of the egg and banana, but when I actually tried eating it, it’s good for the stomach and prevents diseases related to girls, so it’s worth eating.