(6) Big Leaks That Can Completely Destroy the Economy of a Family

(6) Big Leaks That Can Completely Destroy the Economy of a Family
The 6 big holes are that material possessions never last. Myanmar people say that those who do not live with fools and money lose their material possessions.

If you say that, number (1) is that lazy people and lazy people don’t have money together.
I haven’t eaten yet, I’ve eaten, I’ve eaten, and my stomach is heavy, and I say I’m lazy because I’m not working.
After only one hole, number (2) is interested only in pleasures. Not interested in prosperity. Not interested in business.
If you are always interested in food or pleasure, it can also be damaged. Number (3) is that you are not active when doing a noble work.
I do it slowly, I do it slowly, I don’t do it quickly, I do it lazily.
You have to work hard. Therefore, laziness is also a drain on material possessions.
It’s a hole. Number (5) is not guarding, not guarding your mind, not guarding your body and mind, not guarding your morals.
It is not maintained. It is an economic drain. Number (6) is oversleeping, sleeping anyway, sleeping too much, and that is destruction.
There is only one reason for the laziness that I just mentioned, in the case of laziness and laziness, there is nothing to do, and the time when it occurs is always postponed.
I want to move the time. It’s still early. I moved the time, I have to work for 8 hours, but I haven’t done it yet
It will happen. It means that these 6 holes can be closed. If they cannot be closed, the property cannot exist with the people.
Saying. That kind of speaking can be good for you in the present life and can also be good for the cycle. Avoid bad information.
It is important to apply the good information in your own continuity, close the big loopholes and let the business flourish.