5 Words That Parents Can Traumatize Their Children….

5 Words That Parents Can Traumatize Their Children When disciplining their children, don’t say these (5) words.

But, hey, I’m a girl and I’m bored, etc. 2. Using the word “always” in a bad place, for example, if you do it, it’s always a big mistake, you’ll be a dog for the rest of your life, etc. 3. Children’s feelings

For example, reprimanding children for being sensitive, for example, you are poor, you have to bear this much, etc.

5. Disrespecting the children’s personal time and hobbies, such as why are you painting, how are you eating, manipulating the child’s daily life, etc.

I am not writing this letter to blame the parents. Parents, children, and children all have their own situations, difficulties, feelings, and problems.