When you get up in the morning…

(1) When you get up in the morning, you don’t have to go to the toilet, go to the kitchen, start the fire, cook the rice, and don’t do it.

(2) If you eat a meal, you should not put the garbage in your plate after eating and take it to wash
(3) After eating, you should not leave the dishes in the kitchen overnight without washing them, thinking that you will wash them in the morning.
(4) Do not wipe the old cloths on the front of the newly married man with a cloth.
(5) Husbands and wives must not argue with each other before 9 o’clock, do not be jealous, do not be angry, do not play bad omen songs early, if you do about 2 of these 5 things, it tends to make you sloppy, even if you have money, you tend to leave without success.
Therefore, those points should be avoided. I am praying that all money, jewels, and good deeds will be rolled in and used for charitable purposes.