A medicine that makes you live long and healthy….

A medicine that makes you live long and healthy… a medicine that can’t be without you…
Horseshoe leaves are juiced and sugar is added. It is mixed with honey and drunk daily, but it improves strength.
Make the powder of horseshoe leaves a little hot and smear it on the chest. Lung disease disappeared.

Horseshoe leaves are squeezed out, mixed with kerosene and massaged to remove air cysts in the joints.
If you squeeze a teaspoon of horseradish leaves and put it on a small teaspoon, children will get a cold. Bronchitis disappeared. Stomach and phlegm disappeared.

For skin diseases, it can be cured by eating the juice of its leaves.
In the case of a sudden injury to the body, and the inflammation is cured by smearing its leaves with the liquid obtained from crushing it.

Diarrhea urinary retention aching pain For blood in the urine, make a juice of horseshoe leaves and drink it.
Horseshoe leaves, pepper It is mixed with honey and used for long life. He is free from disease.
horse hooves tonic antidote wound healing medicine It can also be used as a remedy for eye pain.
By making dried horsetail leaves and drinking it as bitter tea, it relieves high blood pressure.
Grind the green leaves of horse hoof, put it in a thin cloth and put it on the eyes. or severe eye pain by squeezing the liquid and slapping it on the eye; Relieves eye strain.
Horseshoe leaves are dried in the shade, ground into powder, mixed with honey, and licked at bedtime to induce good sleep.
Therefore, in western countries, horseshoe leaves are widely sold after being made into powder. In the great books of Indian medicine, horseshoe leaves are written in various ways.
Even in cases of leprosy and venereal diseases, eating horseshoe leaves into powder; The powder is sprinkled on the wound; It is said to be cured by crushing the leaves.
In a country like Myanmar where horse hooves grow abundantly, not only in powder but fresh leaves are made into soup and wipe and as a touch and It can be consumed daily as a juice, so anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life can consume it.