Ayekha diet that can remove the liver toxicity….

Ayekha diet that can remove the liver toxicity caused by drug alcohol…
Both as a dish and as a bitter food, if you boil and fry the leaves, you will get relief from body heat, cough, colds and gynecological clots. The rest of the blood is crushed.

If the leaves are boiled and eaten as a salad, it will clear the stomach.
If the root is mixed with dry powder of Chin and taken with hot water, lung pain will be cured.
The seeds are used for rheumatism caused by juvenile arthritis

According to Burmese medicine books, the root and leaves of Ngarpatu have a hot and bitter taste. It has the properties of being digested and hot. Raises the blood and gets air.
Traditional healers

The leaves and roots are used in the formulation of anthelmintic, leprosy and gynecological medicines.
A medicine made from the root is used for rheumatism, bent over asthma chest cough Pain can be cured.
Can make nerves healthy
Neurological health problems such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s To avoid health problems such as multiple sclerosis (MS), you can eat the leaves. Because it contains anti-oxidants, it can protect nerves from damage caused by oxidants.
If you want to get rid of age-related neurological health problems, you can eat mulberry leaves.
Can prevent diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is a very common health problem. Either to prevent or to alleviate this health problem, you can eat the leaves of saffron. It can also prevent obesity.
Being rich in antioxidants, it can prevent chronic diseases including diabetes.
Can prevent high blood pressure
High blood pressure is a life-threatening health problem. heart disease due to high blood pressure You can feel the narrowing of the heart.
To reduce high blood pressure and to prevent high blood pressure, you can eat the leaves of the fish.
Can cure cancer
Cancer is a health problem that threatens the whole world. Cancer is a life-threatening condition where cells grow out of control.
To reduce the risk of these cancers, either You can use the leaves of the fish to relieve it.
Rich in antioxidants
If you want to prevent the body from damaging the cells due to the oxidants that you come into contact with during the day’s activities, you can eat saffron leaves. Rich in antioxidants, it protects tissues and cells from damage and prevents chronic diseases and cancer.
It can protect health from oxidizing substances.
Can fight bacteria
According to studies, saffron leaves can strengthen the bacteria that are beneficial to the body and fight off the bacteria that can harm the body.
It can be consumed to prevent health problems caused by bacterial infection.
Can fight viruses
Every year, various viruses infect the world. They suffer from serious health problems due to the spread of such viruses.
So, if you want to prevent health problems caused by viruses, you can eat saffron leaves.
It can cause discoloration
either due to injury or Inflammation on the skin, either due to infection or If you want to relieve the inflammation in the body, you can eat the leaves of the fish. It can also be used to relieve chronic inflammation. It can be used to reduce inflammation in the body’s cells.
It can make the liver healthy
It contains bioactive compounds (phenolics, tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, saponins and sterols) that protect the liver from damage. The liver can effectively remove toxins.
medicines, It can be used to prevent liver damage caused by alcohol and other substances.