Asparagus is used for impotence…

Asparagus is used for impotence, barren women, lack of desire, insomnia, stomach, wind disease.

Eat fried together. For hereditary anemia, if you take a glass of asparagus egg mineral juice with bitter gourd, you will be healed. For blood vomiting, eat asparagus egg mixed with gooseberry.

If you have dysentery, eat asparagus egg with pepper. For stomach disease, fry asparagus egg with butter and sugar. If women have irregular periods, dilute asparagus egg juice with sugar.

Drink it for married men and women. If the desire is weak, eat asparagus egg fried with sesame oil.

For urinary disease, mix asparagus with horseradish leaves and eat fried. For body curvature due to wind damage, and for constipation, drink asparagus mixed with mineral water, milk, and a little salt. Strengthens the blood.

For good health, eat fried asparagus with shrimp. For good sleep, health and fatness, eat fried asparagus with fish meat and drink asparagus with milk to prolong life. Dry powdered asparagus and mix with honey.

Put about a whole grain of corn in a safe bottle and keep it in a safe bottle. If you can’t sleep, drink two or three pills and you will surely fall asleep. Also, it will make even weak people full of energy and strength. Doctor U Thaung Shwe.