A way to quit drinking that will be beneficial for alcoholism…

There are many people who are slaves to alcohol and died at a young age, and the number of people who drink alcohol is also increasing.

For those who are addicted to alcohol, I have found a small remedy to stop drinking, and I have written it and shared it so that they can use it effectively.

Dry three (3) peppercorns (cinnabar, ginger, and pepper) and grind them in a mortar. Drink a teaspoonful of the powder every morning.

3. All 3 types of medicine are hot, so you must be able to bathe in plenty of water.

After taking tel medicine for a week, the ability to drink alcohol will decrease, the desire to drink will decrease, and blood pressure and diabetes will also decrease.

It also improves health, and at that time, it is really important to be able to control your mind. All human beings must be able to control their minds

May they be healthy and prosperous, and may they live to the full extent of their human life
Credit Myawady Health