Blood clots will cause stroke….

Blood clots will cause stroke
Eat garlic, drink hot water, I do leg exercises. Protect yourself first by doing things that are cheap and doable.
I don’t want any unwanted things to happen.

What they are facing now is blood clots and life-threatening situations. Although they were treated with various methods for contracting the disease, they survived, but later died suddenly of blood clots. We need to find a way to prevent this blood clotting.

They take blood thinners to keep their blood from clotting. That’s why the price of blood thinners has skyrocketed.
Many people ask, is it not possible to make the blood thinner naturally?
Now I will tell you how to thin the blood in a natural way. Like blood thinners, the natural way to thin the blood is…
Garlic is much better than blood thinner. And they defeated one of the world’s epidemics, the smallpox, with garlic. If you eat, you should eat three or four cloves of garlic.
There is one thing that can prevent blood clotting in nature. That is…
It is turmeric
Turmeric can be absorbed from the intestines when mixed with oil. In this case, you should drink a spoonful in the morning and a spoonful in the evening.
Next is…
Olive oil
There is only one type of olive oil in the world that can clean the hair strands down to the inside of the blood vessels. When drinking turmeric juice, they only drink it with olive oil.
People with blood clots tend to have thick blood. Blood clots are caused by blood viscosity.. Blood viscosity is caused by not drinking enough water. So…
You should drink about 4 liters of water a day.
It is best to drink warm water.
There are many people who have thick blood and are afraid of sour food. If you eat sour food, your blood will thin. So…it is good to drink a little sour lemon juice. Western countries often eat kiwi fruit to thin the blood. Now in Myanmar, they are comfortable drinking kim poonchau soup.
There is a liquid mixed in the blood. It is called blood bile. If the blood bile is low, the blood is often thick.
In order to improve blood and bile production, you should eat foods that are rich in bitters (catsha, goggak, chili pepper, elephant trunk, leyo, dandalon). Eating bitter is also good for blood circulation.
If you sleep a lot, your blood is heavy and clots often, so you have to walk.
When the calf muscles are squeezed while walking, the blood is forced to the heart. The 2 legs are the second heart. Walk slowly. Blood clots are common in the legs. Hard blood is present in the main blood vessels and often clogs the heart and brain.
You can’t do a good thing to prevent blood clots. What I just said will be fulfilled by doing it with the Network. Similarly, if you do it intelligently, you can avoid death if you do it intelligently.