The medicinal properties of thistle leaf….

The medicinal properties of thistle leaf to relieve menopause pain…
1. If the skin is hardened, it can be cured by eating nettle leaves soon. If blood is applied to the thorn root, it can be cured.






2. If the rice is above the wind, by eating thistle leaves, the wind can be brought down. If you make a soup of thorn salamander leaves and pea and drink it, it can relieve flatulence and flatulence.
3. Bleeding from the gums can be cured by drinking nettle leaf extract.
4. In the preparation of antidote for snakes, the bark of the thistle tree can be mixed with other medicinal plants.
5. If there is a lotus thorn in the tongue, if the tongue is sore, the blood of the root of the thorn, mixed with a little grain gall, and rubbed on the tongue can cure it.
6. hernia For mutta disease, it can be cured by applying blood to Susalamkyi River.
7. If you suffer from insomnia, you can sleep by making a foam from the leaves of thistle.
8. If women suffer from menopausal symptoms, eating thistle leaves mixed with duck egg and frying can help them recover from menopause symptoms.
Crd Kyi Lwin Myint (Mudra)