You already know how the powerful basil plant…

If you already know how the powerful basil plant can be used for health, read it and it will be beneficial…
If you suddenly get short of breath and don’t get enough oxygen, basil leaves
Crush it and drink the liquid with salt. Basil plant for 20 hours
It can release oxygen.

Reasons why basil should be grown at home
1. By eating basil leaves every day, it is free from diseases that occur in the intestines, stomach and mouth and improves the digestive system.
2. If you soak basil leaves in water and drink it every day, it prevents diabetes.
3. Basil leaves are soaked in the water of the first day’s bath, and the next day’s bath prevents the smell of sweat from coming out.
4. Grind basil leaves mixed with lemon juice and apply on the skin to cure skin diseases such as eczema and itching.
5. If basil seeds are ground well and eaten, diseases related to urine will be cured.
6. If you mix basil mineral juice with lemon juice and shampoo your hair once a week, you will get rid of dandruff.
7. If you put basil leaves in a clean pot of water and drink it every day, you will be free from diseases.
8. If basil leaves are added to cuts, they heal quickly.
9. If you keep basil leaves at home or keep them in your house, mosquitoes, flies, bugs, etc. Snakes will be safe. Therefore, he was forced to plant a basil plant at home.
10. It is the best plant to plant at home because it releases oxygen for 20 hours a day.
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