How to arrange 24 items that can protect…

How to arrange 24 items that can protect against all kinds of dangers, including the 5 kinds of enemies…
The dangers in the environment are both visible and invisible.

I learned a news last night that a pregnant woman died due to a robbery.
He and his family are no longer safe. He must protect everything he owns.
I want to share the safest way.
Because I have experienced a lot myself.
When we were young, my father always reminded us to go out as a family to check the lights, and there was another thing.
I stood in front of the pagoda with my hands folded for a while and put 24 items in a row…
There are personal experiences of fathers who have never lost anything at home and even run away from a thief.
Another thing is that they helped by warning from the danger of fire.
That’s how I will teach you how to draw.
including visible danger; Unseen spiritual world and conflict will be safe.
24 How to organize items…
* First, stand facing east with folded hands. (You can stand anywhere, not in front of the pagoda)
* In 24 items
(1) Hetu Ps
(2) The emotional question
(3) Chancellor P
Name 3.
And then…
* We will move a little to the east and south.
I will continue.
I will continue to sing this way.
People will turn around for a week and change their faces.
Finally, in the northeast area, 8 pages are filled and 24 items are also filled.
It’s not over yet.
This is a set of trusts and must be locked.
* Facing east
Translate it. So, finally, close the lock.
It’s safe. You are already protected from all kinds of dangers seen and unseen, including the dangers of 5 types of enemies 🙏
Before going to bed every night, lay down 24 things and go to sleep.
When you are about to go out, tidy up your house and yard, don’t forget to go…
He and his family We aim to protect our assets safely.
Own reward pan