First house The cart front is…

First house If you do these things, you won’t be hit, and you’ll get bribes, and even increase your business…
First house The cart front is…My house is one with the road, Many of you already know that when you look from the top of the road, you can see your house clearly.

There are many meanings in the words of old women, so we should not throw away the words that were said in the past.


Don’t stay at the house first. I’ve heard that it’s a hit. If you have, you would already know that you have to make plans.
If you don’t know yet, you should remember it as knowledge.
🔸 House first floor, If you are living in a row house, the front door of the house must be tilted so that it does not face the main road.
🔸 Provide 4,000 (6) inch mirrors on the front door.
🔸 If you can make a water pot in front of the house, it is the best.
Then, apart from not hitting, bribes and even business increases happen, he said.
Min Min’s opinion is that business growth means opening a shop in front of the house. However, as young people like Min Min, it is difficult to understand the meanings of the words of the ancients, and I am never endingly amazed at the worldly wisdom that is still effective.
The part about the poor health of the household members is not very clear, but I like the fact that they were asked to clean the water pot in front of the house.
Anyway, the first house, If there are any coincidences as mentioned above while living in the houses that I have bought, I would encourage you to ask the worldly experts who really understand and make appropriate plans.
Have a blessed day.