How to possess powerful powers…

rosary, moral building,
The chanting of the prayer
If the number of times, that person





I got siddhi.
If the siddhis are high
More as a mahimita
Powerful powers
Will be owned.
So because of Siddhi
Becoming Mahidhi
It’s about benefits
If you get the siddhis and mahiddhis
It is called Iddhya
Desires become complete.
(10) virtues.
There are 10 types of Iddhi
Worldly knowledge and metaphysical knowledge
both his
Desire Viriya Sita Vimantha
If there is one base among the four
The benefit of Iddhi
You will be able to reach Nirvana.
Arahant honor and power
His mental energy
I don’t believe in power
Siddhi can be born
It can be completed
Iddhi can be reached.
Arahant prayer
It makes me feel good.
Arham Siddhi
Good luck
Power too
Great power
Full of desire.
🙏 Thank you Maha Bodhi Myain Abbot 🙏