Powerful for paralysis, muscular diseases Goat bean…

Powerful for paralysis, muscular diseases
Goat bean…

The plant you can see in this picture is the Goat Pu plant. Both sweet and sour plants are medicinal.
How to use medicine
1. If you crush the egg of the goat’s tree and drink it 3 times a day with palm oil or palm juice for about a month, the stroke patients will be back to normal.
2. goat’s head Bamboo shoots You can cook whole prawns wrapped in ruyo leaves.
3. Fried goat’s leg with dried shrimp, When the rice is about to be cooked, mix it with water and add it. It is very tasty if you fry it until cooked. Medicinal.
4. If you cook the goat’s leg with mushrooms, it will relieve the toxins.
5. The goat’s leg can be boiled and eaten as a snack or mashed with chili.
Goat bud sprouts in the rain. Mon State Hiya Lin Theinzarap and Irrawaddy It is also available on Zalon side.
You can also ask and buy in the market. By sharing with anyone
Can give medicine.
Credit….. Saw Nu Ne Shop (Putao)