For the kidneys Dos and don’ts…

For the kidneys
Dos and don’ts

I don’t like the cold at all
I only like heat
Therefore, early in the morning
Vigorous sports when the kidneys are cold
You should be careful not to do it
Walking and

The heat of the sun
It should be done daily
Strong as friends
If you do physical activity
Lactic acid in the body
It often increases
That lactic acid is the poison of the kidneys
Rich in protein
If you eat food
The uric acid that comes out
For the kidneys
It is poisonous
Sodium salt and seasoning powder
Alcohol and white sugar
The kidneys do not like it at all
I want you to notice
Because of the physical
More than kidney damage
Because of psychology
Damage is worse
For example with some fear
As soon as you experience it, the kidney shrinks
It’s because it stops
Because of worry
The flame of heaven
Being angry
Because it touches directly
A tent called Yoni Thomanathikaya
Learn to take heart
It is also necessary to practice
To carry
drinking lots of water
Eating gourds
instead of sodium salt
Pink rock sea salt
Sharing potassium salts
Balanced and complete nutrition
Eating and walking
Get enough sleep and vitamin D
It’s about providing relief from the sun
Kidney health
In order to improve
Boil a handful of velvet beans
Add a little stone
The liquid yolks
Grind and eat
In addition, food and medicine
Also, since it is food, it is velvety bean
Boil about a handful of food
Onion, sesame oil, rock salt
per month with green chilies
Eating salad about 4 times
given by nature
For health
Great gifts
Because it will be available
If friends kidney is bad
Eat bean curd
Kidney health
Want to be proactive?
Eat bean curd
I would like to give you some advice
Dr. Hla Win Aung (b) Ba Soe U