Fresh fruit salad that instantly increases male strength……

Fresh fruit salad that instantly increases male strength……

Gooseberry is a fruit rich in vitamin C. According to Burmese medicine books, sago fruit clears the heart and cleans the blood.

It makes food easier to digest. It makes the mind light and refreshing and removes fatigue. having a cough; No taste in the mouth Vomiting loss of voice Abdominal cramps It can relieve pimples and break up phlegm, and honey, juice If you drink the three kinds of h half only, you will have a cough, chest phlegm It has also been studied and noted that it can cure asthma.

The ingredients needed for the dried fruit salad are:

A slice of apricot (if it’s big, you should only use one slice)
5 onions
A few (2) tablespoons of fried peanuts
A few (1) teaspoons of dried shrimp
A little bit of paste
Fried chili peppers
(5) green chilies
You will need 4 tablespoons of garlic oil.
How to do it step by step

Soak dried shrimp in water.
Crush the fried peanuts.
Crush the dried shrimp soaked in water.
Peel the gourd and cut it into small pieces.
onion, Chop the green chilies thinly.
Then into the dish that will be served with the salad Crushed peanuts Dried shrimp, baked paste, bean paste, Fried chili peppers, Chopped onions and green chilies. Add a little salt, curry powder, and garlic oil, and knead it thoroughly. If you can taste the taste, you can eat the sour and salty spicy salad. For those who don’t like sour, I believe that you should squeeze a little juice from the gourd and add it to the salad and add it to stir-fry or stir-fry.

In the northern regions, peanuts are abundant, so the sour taste of the peanuts is combined with the richness of the peanuts, and the salad with the baked paste makes the salad even more fragrant.

Now, cooking enthusiasts can also enjoy the small fruit salad with hot water, or you can also eat it together with lotus hair.