How to apply Karamet, which will make women feel free from anxiety, to get rid of heat…

How to apply Karamet, which will make women feel free from anxiety, to get rid of heat…
I have explained the complete method of applying keramet and the few points to avoid so that no one knows
If you are going to apply cream…

(1) Apply the left foot first
And the right hand must be anointed.

(2) If the left foot and right hand are dried after applying the softener, the left foot and right hand must be applied again in the same way.
(3) After smearing the left foot and right hand 3 times, the right foot and left hand must also be smeared 3 times in the same way as above.
(4) After that, it must be smeared all over the body.
If you apply it properly step by step in this way, it will absorb the heat from the body and cool down the heat.
✅ People with high heat, children suffering from heat-related diseases, and people suffering from heatstroke should use cool Karamet and Thanakha properly.
❌🚫Heat should not be smeared with any kind of heat. Avoid using hot lotions. If the heat is smeared, it can affect the kidneys.
For example: White Coriander is hot, Taung Nagyi, Taung Naik Kato are hot.
They can worsen today’s heat illnesses.
If you want to get better from diseases, apply only the cold keramet, wa min thanat bitter, and thanat bitter root.
Note: Clean doesn’t sell heat at all.
❌ Do not apply to the affected area.
✅ Must apply from the tip.
Legs start from the soles of the feet
legs Apply one step on thighs and hips.
If the hand is from the palm to the forearm, the arm, the shoulder
By applying each step, it significantly relieves.
Please read carefully and smear it according to the method you like from the above 2 methods. Diseases will disappear significantly.
Panglong literature teacher
The dream that U Yan Aung said,
I rewrite and share with love how to apply tanha bitter.