7 types of donations that not only the rich but also the poor can donate..

7 types of donations that not only the rich but also the poor…

1️⃣ with facial expressions
Giving charity
Be friendly with a smile.
2️⃣ Oral donation
words of encouragement words of comfort
words of praise gentle words
Warm words
Donating by word of mouth
dear son
3️⃣ Donating with the mind
Open the door of the mind, pure
Attitude to others
Be open and honest.
(31) The spirit of Brahma within the realm
Sending love to people and animals
Recitation of love
4️⃣ Giving charity with vision
Good will
With good vision
The good things of others
Please see.
5️⃣ Through physical labor
Giving charity
Do what you can
Help others by giving.
6️⃣ Accommodation donation
boat ride When driving
Old and incapacitated in his seat,
Let pregnant women and children sit in their own seats.
7️⃣ Home donation
Others in his home
Give it a rest.
“Success follows the good deeds of those who donate to it
He preached that he would come after him.
7 types of gifts that increase wealth
1️⃣ A smiling face
2️⃣ Sweet words
3️⃣ pure attitude
4️⃣ Seeing the good
5️⃣ Physically helping
6️⃣ Give your seat if you encounter
7️⃣ Allowing temporary stay in his house
If you do
will rise.
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