North Ukkala, It was because he told Father Tin Aung that it had actually happened in the field as much as Dawei’s hole.

“Cloaked Cannibals”
“It just happened, my son. Heh… Ko Shwe, our son died because we didn’t have money…, heh… I took him to the hospital since it started, I wish it would have happened…, why did my son develop in the belly of such a beautiful mother… heh, now he died because he was so young and couldn’t be treated with medicine…, heh. .. hey … ”
“Woman, make up your mind…, his lifespan will only be so long”

Even though he was comforting his wife, it was Ko Shwe who was in tears.
“I think he was just lucky enough to stay with us.”

A field umbrella far away from the village. It is inside the farm guard’s hut by the side of the creek. The parents of a dying (10-year-old) boy are unable to cope. He is a rare firstborn, so he is not madly in love. Sickness and fever, but only the short-tailed mediciners in the house are watching. Why did my son die like this when he was trying to figure out how to pay for going to the hospital? A group of hotels in the farm guard’s huts. A group is far away.
“Woman…, I’ll go and let you know.”

“Oh… it’s going to rain…, why don’t you leave me alone in the arena?”
“Aye…that’s right, well…I got up early in the morning, ha…there…”
She looked in front of the tent where her husband was pointing. He saw a man walking towards the hut.
“Huh… fighting shop shop, ping ping ko shwe”

“Go, God…, Go, God…”
He went down to the front of the tent and happily invited Ko Shwe to come up to the tent. With his face down, he got up on the tent and sat cross-legged on the side of the corpse’s head.
When the couple was still young, they were encouraged by the arrival of a man like this. It was getting dark at the time, so when the two of them went to U Pha Zin, his wife lit a glass house. It was dark outside because the moon was dark.

“Ladies and gentlemen, don’t worry about anything, take it easy and go to bed. You’ve arrived, and we’ll arrange the funeral in the morning… U Pha Zin won’t sleep tonight… I’ll wait for you while cultivating the Dhamma.”
“Tin Pa”
Ko Shwe and his wife went to bed in the bedroom separated by a thin wall, but U Pha Zin turned to the pagoda and worshiped the Dhamma. He started reciting in a whisper from his mouth.
His wife was the first to wake up after hearing the sound of “Plug… Thut… Thut”.
“What sounds?”
Curious and restless, he listened to the sound. The voice is from the front of the house. She touched her husband and woke him up. He still covered his mouth with one hand so that no sound would come out. Ko Shwe is a fast sleeper, so he woke up easily and heard the sounds coming from the front of the house. The two quietly sat up and peeked through the holes in the wall to the front of the house.
There was a whispered exclamation, and both of them were so surprised that their eyes bulged out. It was because he saw a black haired and scary-looking monster eating the entrails from his dead son Maung’s stomach.
Is it a ghost? Are you on your side? What a big guy can’t be divided. If it is eating the entrails of a person’s stomach, it must be an evil monster. The candle that was lit was about to run out, so we could only see it with the help of the light.
Ko Shwe held his wife’s hand tightly. They quietly left the back door of the hut and ran to the village. The time is 2 o’clock at night.
“Hey… is that possible?”
“Yes, huh…”
“Are you really talking?”
“Yes, far away”
The villagers were surprised and did not want to believe everything Ko Shwe and his wife said.
“Now… don’t be afraid to believe it, look at their faces…, sweaty, anyway, gather the boys and go to the arena…, I have to bury my nephew properly, you go with Ko Shwe…, my brother stayed with us…”
“Yes Ma’am”
According to the arrangement of Ko Shwe’s eldest sister, the boys from the village each carry a stick. They went out to the tent in the arena, including the torch and Ko Shwe. Near the hut, I heard the sound of knocking at 4 o’clock from the village.
Everyone’s inner exclamations became noisy. It was because he saw the body of Vai Lin Lin and Ko Shwe Son in the lower step of the tent. The ghost was nowhere to be seen.
As such, North Ukkala, It was because he told Father Tin Aung that it had actually happened in the field as much as Dawei’s hole. Previously, there were no such neighborhoods in those areas. buffalo slaughter Killing cows wicked man thief It used to be a hiding place for robbers.
the end.
Khin Cho-Shi (Mao Bi)
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