Don’t sell it. Come and buy…

Don’t sell it. Come and buy…
“I need hot fries, hot fries.”

This is the voice of uncle who sells fried food, who usually passes in front of our house on a tricycle around 6 o’clock in the evening.

Poor old motorcycle oil consumer, Despite his hard work selling fries, no one buys or eats fries from him whenever we come to the street.

It’s not because the people in our street don’t eat fried food. The people on the street didn’t buy from him, so they went to eat at the fried shop between Ho Jeong and Lee Jeong, which was a long walk from where I lived.
Whenever I want to eat fried food, I usually go to that fried food shop instead of eating at the uncle who sells it in front of the house.
The aunty who sells fried food at that shop also attacked. Do you want to eat fried food every time you go shopping? If you want to eat, you have to wait. A lot of people who have ordered before often say this bluntly.
We also wanted to eat, so we had to wait. He was beaten. Because his fried food is good.
Sometimes I start thinking. Why did you come to the front of the house and ask for sweet and fried food to be respected, instead of buying it from the old uncle who came on a tricycle to sell it?
The answer is because that aunty’s fried food is too good. Because he has what we want. He does not shout that he sells fried food, But he does it to let people know how good the fries he sells are.
At that time, even if he didn’t sell, people would go to buy and eat from him.
So I would like to advise you as a friend if you want to sell well
Rather than what we sell, focus on what the product we sell can do.
I want to say that the more people know how good our products are, the more people will buy them without us having to sell them.