What to do to prevent high blood pressure…

What to do to prevent high blood pressure…
– 0 Eat fruits as a priority to have a healthy stomach.
– Avoid foods that are difficult to digest.



– Eat easy-to-digest foods
A person who does not want to increase blood pressure
– 0 Pay attention to the foods that make the stomach healthy.
– 0 Be happy, If it’s not correct, please forgive me.
to eat
– People who don’t want to increase blood pressure should eat sweet and sour taste first.
(ripe papaya, Bali fruit, ripe mango, grape, apple)
– Easy to digest when eating rice dishes Eat food that is easy to digest
– Especially those with high blood pressure should eat red bean paste with onions, Toss green oil and eat. It can be relied upon to prevent high blood pressure.
If you live and act like this, the wind that goes up will blow down. I would like to say that if the blood circulation speed is not disturbed, if the ratio is restored, the blood pressure will be significantly reduced.
to avoid
– Food that suppresses wind
– fat resinous food
– Processed jam Canned powdered sugar Juice with chemicals fried Fried, grilled food,
– Avoid eating meat.
Do exercise
– If you sweat unevenly, you will have high blood pressure, so you need to sweat properly. Do regular exercise every day.
– Walk to sweat.
Counseling advice
– Try to draw more air down.
– Behave properly so that the energy goes properly.
– Urinate regularly.
– I would like to encourage you to try to sweat a lot.
How to make the air flow down
In Burmese traditional medicine, high blood pressure is caused by hot air.
The concept of air is that if it is hot, it will rise up, so you should avoid hot and spicy food.
It’s not very perfect to blow down. urine 0 blood All the air needs to blow equally.
So, if you eat both sour and bitter, the air will go down.
To not be suffocated (to breathe)
– Eat boiled bean curd.
– Eat pomegranate in winter
– For housewives, pickled mango salad (salad with green onions and oil) along with lentil curry.
If you eat, the air will flow down without stopping.
– Some of them asked if they could eat to breathe. I eat sweet licorice that is not salty,

0 Live in order to be correct
– Yogurt When eating, pickled water dish with ripe tamarind fruit. Tamarind juice If you don’t want to travel, eat a tamarind toffee snack.
– Ripe papaya for a week or two Eat raw banana
– I will walk Do physical exercise regularly.
– Drink almost three bottles of water a day. If you eat a little palm oil after drinking water, your food will be digested.
Crd…… Traditional medicine master U Yan Aung
Credit with respect.